Lots of big news this week for Mighty Mommies and Celestina!

An award, a best seller, and a blog review, oh my!

So many wonderful things have happened this week, it seems like a shame to put them all in one little update. But, I thought I’d spare you the spam of a series of exciting messages. 🙂

Royal Dragonfly Book Award

I’m very pleased to announce that Mighty Mommies and Their Amazing Jobs won an Honorable Mention for the Picture Books 6 & Older category of the Royal Dragonfly Book Award. Competition was very fierce, so I’m happy to have even been considered for this award! You can find out more here. Spoiler alert – Mighty Mommies is in the lead for a couple of other big awards that will be announced in January and February. Stay tuned to see what happens!

Mighty Mommies Royal Dragonfly Award
Mighty Mommies is an Amazon BestSeller

In more awesome Mighty Mommies and Their Amazing Jobs news, Mighty Mommies is, at the time of writing, an Amazon bestseller! Find out more on Amazon by clicking here.

Mighty Mommies Amazon Best Seller
Celestina ranks #5 in Top 10 Indie Children’s Books of November 2019

In Bethany Stahl’s review of the top 10 indie children’s books for November 2019, Celestina the Astronaut Ballerina ranked #5! You can see the video review here or read more on Bethany’s blog here.

Celestina the Astronaut Ballerina number 5 in top 10 indie childrens books November 2019
Celestina audiobook is Free for newsletter subscribers

The audiobook edition of Celestina the Astronaut Ballerina is finally finished and should be available on Audible, Apple, and other major platforms very soon. Newsletter subscribers get the audiobook edition of Celestina absolutely free. Not a subscriber yet? Click here to sign up and get the audiobook and other goodies totally free!

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5 December 2019 | Donald