The Ellie Cover Winner, a Fun Free Book of the Day, and the Best Dr. Suess Rap You’ll See This Week

I consider it to be part of my job to deliver fun, inspiring stuff to take our minds off of the craziness of the world. That’s what today’s post is all about. So, I’ll get right to it.

The Ellie Cover Winner

Last week, I asked my newsletter subscribers to send me votes on four potential Ellie covers. It was a 50/50 tie between the two covers with yellow titles. Buuuuut, a lot of people mentioned that they don’t like that the yellow blends in with the hard hat. Further, a lot of people thought that the curved title was a little more fun than the block-style title. So, it’s on to round two of voting. I’ll send out another e-mail soon with the next (and, hopefully, final) round of voting. If you’re not on my free newsletter list, you can sign up here.


I also mentioned that a random voter would win a free hardcover copy of Ellie once she’s published. That winner is Faye V. of North Carolina!

Thanks to everyone for voting. Keep an eye out for more fun contests!

A Fun, Free Book of the Day

Every now and then, I promote other authors’ books that I think are inspiring, cute, and/or free. Today’s book fits the bill for all three. Be sure to grab I Dreamed You by Justine Avery and Ema Tepic! The Kindle version of this book is free today. Sometimes, these free deals only last one day, so be sure to get it right now. Click the cover below and select the Kindle edition to get it for free.


The Best Dr. Suess Rap You’ll See This Week

And, finally, the best Dr. Suess rap you’ll see this week: Fox in Sox, rapped by Wes Tank. This is hands-down the best rendition of Fox in Sox I’ve ever seen, and Wes has a ton of other children’s book raps. Check out the video below. If the video doesn’t work, you can click here to watch it on Youtube.

What fun stuff do you have to share to lift everyone’s spirits? Shoot me an e-mail and let me know!

15 July 2020 | Donald